Hear sound from all directions with simulated 7.1.2 surround sound
Vertical Surround Engine, our latest surround technology, lets you enjoy the thrill of Dolby Atmos® and DTS:X® from a single slim unit. No matter what type of room you're in, advanced DSP technology allows just two front speakers to reproduce full, cinematic sound from all around you, including from above.
2.1ch Dolby Atmos®/DTS:X® Single Soundbar with built-in subwoofer | HT-X8500

Experience sound from above
Thanks to Sony's virtual-surround technology, the soundbar can position sound in vertical space—so you can experience 3D audio without the need for in-ceiling or up-firing speakers. As well as Dolby Atmos and DTS:X, Vertical Surround Engine lends a more realistic, multidimensional sound to other formats too.
Surround made simple
Using front speakers only, Sony's unique digital-sound-field-processing technology virtually reproduces the surround-sound field, with audio coming at you from both sides. There's no need to add rear speakers, meaning you can enjoy rich, cinematic surround sound without cluttering your living space.
Experience deep bass sound
The HT-X8500 has a powerful built-in dual subwoofer in the center—so you can enjoy deep bass sound with minimal equipment cluttering up your living space.
Slim and elegant
Measuring just 890 x 64 x 96 mm, the HT-X8500 is slim, compact, and unobtrusive, and complements your BRAVIA TV. Distinctive design elements include a punched-metal speaker grille and subwoofer ducts on both sides.
Enjoy all your movies in 4K HDR quality
With 4K HDR 18 Gbps pass-through and HDCP 2.2/HDCP 2.3, the HT-X8500 is made for the latest home theater formats.
Easily added to your AV system
Connect a games console, UHD Blu-ray™ player, or your set-top box, as well as your TV, with HDMI and optical digital inputs.
One-cable HDMI eARC
With HDMI eARC3, you can enjoy the latest high-bit rate surround sound formats, like Dolby Atmos® and DTS:X®, from your compatible TV.
Wireless connectivity to your TV
With a Sony BRAVIA TV supporting Bluetooth® Transmitter, you can send audio to your soundbar wirelessly2

Stream all your favorite music
Pair the HT-X8500 with your smartphone or tablet using Bluetooth® technology to wirelessly stream all your favorite albums and playlists4.
This 2.1-channel Dolby Atmos® / DTS:X® soundbar with a built-in dual subwoofer and Vertical Sound Engine delivers a cinematic, three-dimensional surround sound experience, and its elegant design fits perfectly in front of your TV.