Linksys Velop Intelligent Mesh WiFi System,

Dual-Band 3-Pack White (AC3900)
Mesh WiFi That Learns From You
From the moment you set up your WiFi mesh network, Intelligent Mesh™ Technology gets to work adapting your Velop system to your home.
If someone accidentally unplugs a node, the other nodes will pick up the slack.
Modular Mesh WiFi Fits Any Home
As your WiFi needs expand, you can easily add more nodes. Plug your home details into our configurator tool to find the perfect WiFi mesh system for you.
For an apartment or a single bedroom house, try a 1-pack
For a 2- to 3-bedroom house, try a 2-pack
For a 3- to 4-bedroom house, try a 3-pack
Even with a busy network, Velop knows how to select the clearest channel for your devices.

Fast Reliable WIFI
Velop nodes comes equipped with Dual-Band technology, giving you exceptionally fast WiFi even when multiple WiFi devices are connected.
Tri-Band, 3-Pack White (AC6600)
Linksys Velop Intelligent Mesh WiFi System,

Tri-Band Wi-Fi mesh system provides 100% Wi-Fi throughout your home.* Wi-Fi that sets you free.
Coverage up to 6,000 square feet.**
3-year limited warranty and tech support†
Setup, monitor and control home Wi-Fi with Linksys App
Elegant design